We Build Web Applications, Want One?

Crazy ideas can become reality!
Advanced system architecture and software development to engage you in long-term success.

Simple Workflow

Simple Workflow, Oh So Simple!

Did we mention that we can build simple but also extremely complex web applications? The sky is the limit! In four steps the workflow takes you from start to finish. Development is, of course, the longest phase. You'll have access to works in progress, time lines, code history and review with you as we progress.


Discuss your Project

With digital collaboration, all aspects of your application's requirements are gathered and summarized. We compile a thoughtfully planned out solution that fits your needs. For tight budgets, we can prioritize your must-haves and want-to-haves to make a working project.


Propose a Project Scope

Your project is broken down into detailed bullet points and milestones. Your scope will contain everything covered from the project discussion. Some scopes are light, some are very detailed depending on your project. This is reviewed by you to approve development.


Development Cycle

Your project must be future friendly. For this reason, only widely adopted open-source platforms are used in order to keep you free from: vendor lock-in, single agency lock-in, and a one man army knowledge base.


Release to the World

After each milestone we submit a final review before going live. We ensure nothing was overlooked, and everything is functioning properly a final time. After this stage you should start spreading the word about your live project!

Things We Build

Design — The easiest to understand is Logo Design, Print Design and Web User Interfaces (UI). These assets are designed in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. We then use these assets for whatever your next need is.

CMS Websites — Another phase is a CMS sitetep up to an informational website. These may be to discover your business, product, service, or simply your own self-promotion. Additionally, we can build on top of almost any CMS.

Custom Projects — Moving up, we build custom applications. These are larger and more complex systems. However, they can reap the benefit streaming residual income if it were Software as a Service (SaaS).

Languages & Databases — Around the bend you might stumble in geek corner, this is where the lingo may seem confusing! We build JavaScript Projects front and backend, Python Django, PHP Laravel, NodeJS Express or any option using a micro framework, it all depends on the need. We are not limited to these frameworks only but they are open-source, prevent vendor lock-in, and they are very good starting points for future growth.

DevOps/Server Admin — We do Server Administration setup, to securing your server. Before you fall asleep, let's trim it short and add that we do DevOps for server provisioning and/or scaling your services through Docker.

This is only a brief list if you have any questions ask though email for a quick reply!

Experienced & Reputable

Development is done by Jesse, known as JREAM from YouTube. This is a place Jesse publishes videos on programming. He has contributed almost 400 programming videos covering a wide array of programming topics. He's a former instructor on Udemy with 15,000 Students and has published a Book for jQuery UI — all things software related!

Having worked alongside co-workers at companies which managed millions to hundreds-of-millions in revenue, you receive trained eyes with the skills you always needed. These skills are difficult to come by and require years of experience, sleepless nights and many battle scars.